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I wanted to do a list of comedy games, but I think people rarely think "I want to play a comedy game"; to me, the phrase brings up some kind of jokey, goofy game, like many of the poorly made Twine games that people make now.

Instead, the funny games I enjoy tend to have an actual, deep story with hints of sadness, danger, or drama, and the comedy is a welcome relief from that. More of a dry or British humor. So that's what's found in this list. Absurd games are in their own list.

Also, many games like Curses! or Adventure are quite funny in parts, but it's not an overriding theme. Similarly, I love Six by Clarke, but find it charming and adventurous more than funny.

As always, feel free to add games in the comments.

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Sobol, May 13, 2018 - Reply
Connoisseurs of British humor should try Tally Ho. It's the best and most complex ChoiceScript game I've seen so far - and the only one where failing at something is as entertaining as succeeding.
Enraged Bibliophile, September 29, 2015 - Reply
Tex Bonaventure and the Temple of the Water of Life should meet the criteria for this list.
MathBrush, January 25, 2016 - Reply
I finally got around to it. Great game! Definitely going on the list.
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