Story File *
Contains storm.t3
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Story File *
Contains storm.t3
Requires a TADS interpreter. Visit IFWiki for download links.
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Shelter from the Storm

by Eric Eve profile


About the Story

It is set in October 1940. Jack is a newly-commissioned sapper
officer on his way to his first posting somewhere on Salisbury Plain (in southern England) when his car breaks down. The weather is starting to turn nasty, and his first task is to find shelter from the brewing storm. When he finds it, he'll encounter a whole lot more than he bargained for, as it becomes gradually apparent that things are not as they are meant to seem.

Game Details

Language: English (en)
First Publication Date: May 31, 2009
Current Version: 1.1
License: Freeware
Development System: TADS 3
Forgiveness Rating: Polite
IFID: B0B847A5-BEFA-5BF3-8E5C-F1B35A9CD59A
TUID: t6lk8c2wktxjnod6

Off-Site Reviews

Play This Thing (review by Emily Short)
Shelter from the Storm: Protagonist vs Player
The story is set during the grim beginnings of the second world war. The protagonist (whether "I", "you", or "he") is a soldier on his way to a posting near Salisbury when, thanks to a storm and some bad luck with his car, he's forced to seek shelter with a bunch of people who aren't what they seem. The result plays a bit like a murder mystery -- everything turns on finding evidence and understanding what that evidence really means, and there are multiple twists before the whole thing stops. Barring a few bits where the player has time to explore at leisure, it's fast-paced, too: the NPCs are all active types and have plenty to say and do. The story never rises above the level of period melodrama, but it does that reasonably well.

But here's the curious thing: by the end of the story, I started to want that narrative voice option again, and I set my narrator to first person past tense because I was more comfortable reading/playing that way.
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