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In order to play the game on a Windows machine you will need a BBC Micro emulator.
This game requires an interpreter program - refer to the game's documentation for details.

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by Rod Underwood and Peter Killworth


About the Story

Originally developed by Rod Underwood in 1980 on Cambridge University’s Phoenix mainframe computer, it was later ported to the BBC Micro by Peter Killworth in 1984. This is one of the rarest and most difficult of the Phoenix games. Apparently, the original mainframe game has been lost and the only playable version remains Killworth’s port. Below is the blurb from the BBC Micro packaging:

Welcome to the medieval land of Quondam, where all things magical are possible. The land is full of wonders, but is also full of traps for the unwary. Your task is to find all the treasures and a safe place to deposit them. But beware, things are seldom as they seem. This is a text adventure for advanced players.

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World of Spectrum
The innocent box containing the adventure informs you that this is a game suitable for advanced adventurers. I have a suspicion that the word should be "masochistic" adventurers. Unlike Acheton, Quondam contains an endless variety of nasty endings for the unwary. Don't bother looking for problems in this game, they will find you.
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