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Welcome to Ponyville

by Klondikekun


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About the Story

***THE MAP STILL DOES NOT WORK*** I'm going to make an ascii version of it some time later. Game in the works about a pony (you) moving into Ponyville from harse conditions. Update - Chapter 2 (Free Roam) - Still WIP But almost done Free Roam is a mode in the game that allows you to explore Ponyville, Canterlot and other towns without having to worrying about events. During this time you will be able to shop, work jobs and hang out with characters to build relationships. Most free roam work and relationship related events will take up a day. Free Roam only lasts for a few days each time before an event maybe triggered. At the moment no events are planned so Free Roam and explore what I have finished so far. Finished: -Cheerilee's First Quest -Big Mac's First Quest -Big Mac's Job -Applejack's input (available after doing BM's quest) -Applejack's Training -Meeting Zecora -Train to Canterlot -Meeting the Princess -Talking to Celestia -Meeting Luna -Talking to Luna -Saving Spike -Hanging with Twilight -Rarity's Job -Seeing Fluttershy -Rainbow Dash's reminder (on day 13) -Mr. Cake sidequest -Lyra's sidequest (Sidequest grant relationship and/or money bonuses but do not necessarily change events.) Tackling: -Rarity's First Quest -Free Roam Train (More Cities) -Rainbow Dash's First Quest -Fluttershy's First Quest -Chapter 3

Game Details

First Publication Date: October 30, 2011
Current Version: Unknown
Development System: quest
IFID: 71ED2119005F8C2F57881E5005713BC4
TUID: pnaj9f05jhg1dx

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