The Djinni Chronicles

by J. D. Berry


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A window into a complex fantasy world of Djinn, February 13, 2016

In this short game, you play as three separate djinn, magical creatures who have various powers. Each one usually deals with characters with flaws (a separate flaw for each djinni) that prevents them from being happy. But the masters in this game is different.

The puzzles in this game are clever, but it is really unpolished. There is a mysterious counter in the status line that takes some time to figure out, you are given only a few hints on what commands to do or what is possible, and even movement and inventory behave differently).

Reading the beginning of the walkthrough is immensely helpful.

God for fans of setting and story who don't mind some fussy commands.

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Christina Nordlander, May 21, 2016 - Reply
I wouldn't call the game "unpolished", since that implies some sort of glitchiness or lack of playability to me. The mechanics all work well (to my understanding, at least), though I agree that they might be insufficiently clued.
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