Crocodracula: The Beginning

by Ryan Veeder profile and Harrison Gerard

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Great game for Halloween, October 10, 2020
by KatherineTheCurst (Kansas, USA)

This is a pretty easy light game, but the puzzles still feel pretty satisfying. The game has a lot of the same elements as Crocodracula: What Happened to Calvin, but when I played Calvin it felt like the game had some elements that were missing. But if Calvin was missing something, this game has it. The whole thing feels more thought out and the puzzles fit together neatly. It also has quite a few elements that weren't in Calvin.
The most enjoyable part of the game was just wandering around Becca's Sunnydale-esque little town and finding all the weird supernatural quirks hidden in it. I think my favorites were the house on Ash St. and the Radio station. J.M. was also really cool, and I would love to see more of him.