Mushroom Hunt

by Polyducks


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Treasure hunt with a vaguely sinister/fairy tale feel, January 5, 2020

Disclaimer: I haven't finished this game yet, I've only gotten 3 endings.

The basic premise is that you're walking through the forest trying to find mushrooms for soup. Commands are fairly limited. The more you look around, the more the story develops. The way the game reveals information feels organic.

The art is SO lovely and really helps build the atmosphere of the game.

Some endings contain hints, so it's helpful to play through multiple times.

It would be nice if commands that don't work had more custom responses. For instance, the commands "smell" and "listen" only work in certain places. Everywhere else I've tried them so far, the game says "You can't do that." If I try to pick up certain items in the room description (eg, flowers), I get "You can't find it." Not everything has to have its own response, but it would be good to assign commands a default response that fit the situation better ("you don't smell anything interesting" instead of "you can't do that").

It would also be good if the game recognized things like vine/vines as the same, or if it understood things like "pile" to mean "pile of rusty junk."

(Edit: I missed the first time that this was made in a short period! All of these little things are really understandable in that case, and major props to the author for making such a fleshed out game in a short amount of time)

Overall, this is a really fun game, and I'm interested to try to unlock more endings. Hope we see more out of this author!

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