by Jim Q. Pfygx-Vobk


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One world to maybe make a little bit better for someone?, November 19, 2013
by streever (America)

I liked this game. It isn't the best of the 2013 entries, but it mostly worked well, and the author has made a fun, modest game.

"One world to...not quite even save." is the tagline, and it is appropriate--this is a story more of a person coming of age and learning that life isn't about bullies & being alone.

The essential statement here seems to be that life isn't just the things you experienced in high school, and that thoughts of grandeur are unlikely. Life is about taking small steps, applying what you know, and building relationships with other people in the world around you, without pre-judging them.

A modest game with a modest premise, it felt slightly unfinished in the IF Comp, and hopefully the author will continue work on it.