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For Me, Very Memorable, March 19, 2014

I first played this game with some friends back in the eighties shortly after it's initial release, continued trying to advance through it without the use of hints or walkthroughs here and there throughout the years, and have finally finished the story. Yes, it took me almost thirty years to complete this introductory-level work of interactive fiction. But, I'm pleased with myself for just being persistent, knowing that one day I'd get through it without resorting to hints and walkthroughs. And, I'm pleased and always have been pleased with the story that takes place in Wishbringer. For reasons I'm not exactly sure of this has always been one of the more memorable pieces of interactive fiction that I have ever played. Possibly, I guess, because it was one of the first that I ever played. Or, maybe, it was just so masterfully done, leaving lasting impressions on my IF-gaming mind, seemingly, forever? I don't know, but, for me, Wishbringer was very memorable.

Wishbringer is a fairly short story with some puzzles that you may or may not find to be a little difficult, a little frustrating. How short of a story is it? I didn't actually put it to the test to make sure but would guess that if you sat down with the exact commands to get you from start to finish that you could pass through the entire story in ten minutes or less. Just to give a general idea of the size of Wishbringer, for those looking for something a little shorter to get involved in.

If you're new to IF I definitely recommend Wishbringer. And just because it's considered to be an introductory-level game doesn't mean that you won't get stuck here and there, so keep in mind that everyone thinks differently and what may come easy to one person may not come so easily to another. Just stick with it. You may find that saving your spot and trying again later, with a fresh mind, is all it takes. Playing with a couple of friends who'll see things a little differently than you do sometimes is advisable as well.