First Times

by Hero Robb


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Good, but an update would be nice, January 11, 2015

I like the atmosphere of this game very much and for this reason I recommend playing it.
However, this game has a big flaw, which is the incomplete implementation of many verbs. For instance, common verbs such as "kick, push, pull, touch, drink, eat, jump, scream", are either not implemented at all, or merely answered to by a laconic "you can not do that". Also, the author has chosen to use a lot the verb "use" which is common in point-and-click games but usually avoided in IF games because it is ambiguous. Even though using the "use" verb avoids the pitfall of guess-the-verb situations, it gives the impression that very little freedom is allowed to the player, while freedom is actually the most attractive illusion offered by IF games. Also, this lack of interactivity deprives the player of many possible hints, for instance sentences such as "you can not force this door in, you will have to find another solution". Worse, the verb "say" appears at first not be implemented since the game answers "I can not understand your command", but in fact it is an essential verb for one unique occasion! I do not think it is fair to the player.