Good Bones: A Haunted Housewarming

by Leon Lin


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A wild adventure trying to use the toilet at night, November 17, 2023
by MathBrush
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This game is a sprawling and varied horror comedy twine game about trying to use the toilet at night.

The style is kind of like a gauntlet but with more branching. You can select between multiple paths, but along each path, there is often only 1 choice that lets you live, while others let you die. The deaths give you many, many different endings, with comedic names and which are listed on the main page of the game after you unlock them.

The story draws on a wide variety of horror tropes, from witches and imps to shadow-creatures and eldritch horrors. It's low on continuity and high on amusing moments and subverting expectations.

The writing is descriptive and funny.

Overall, this game has a lot to like; however, I think for my personal preferences (that do not reflect all players!) I would have preferred some more coherence in the storyline, or more unity in the themes.

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