Pyramid Adventure

by Rodger Olsen


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Suffers from early IF syndrome, July 25, 2022
by barnesstorming (Georgia, United States)

I used to see ads for this game in the back of "Compute!" magazine and be jealous of Commodore owners, who could play it. I had an Atari 400 and none of the Aardvark games were available to me... Now, playing the game and giving up after an hour, I realize I was the lucky one back then. I mean, it's got some creativity, but the kilobyte limitations of these early games really hamstrings you. Everyone knows the old Infocom maxim, "examine everything." My advice with this one is "take everything" -- or at least try to. You can't "cut vines", for instance, but you can "get vines". Just don't expect acknowledgement on success until you check your inventory. (Which, "I" doesn't work, but "INV" does. etc, etc.)

It's also got some puzzling culture mashing. The setting is ostensibly Egypt, because pyramids. But there's a monkey. So maybe South America. But then, there's a desert. And you find Ali Baba's sword (inscribed as "Ali Babba"), so maybe it's one of them pyramids in ... Arabia?

I did find a full walkthru, which helped with some of the guess-the-verb frustrations. It's here:

- jgerrie (Cape Breton Island, Canada), May 13, 2018

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