The Bony King of Nowhere

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A Quest fantasy adventure with a snarky attitude, March 25, 2023
by MathBrush
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I played this game years ago but somehow never reviewed it.

Luke Jones wrote several games in the mid-2010's that had a unique style of humor to them. The games tended to be implemented in kind of a sparse way but to have lots of characters and lots of dialogue. A typical example of the 'Luke Jones' style is the opening of this game, with words like:

You see an apple, a log, and Your Dog here.

But there's also a pigeon that drops a letter at your feet then flies away saying 'F*** you!!'

The goal of this game is to deliver a letter to a king in a fantasy world, although the actual events end up changing over time.

There's a glulx port of this as well, which I haven't tried. Overall, Luke Jones games are just a brand of their own, like halfway between Robb Sherwinn and Zork. If you like one of these games, you'll like his others.