The Pyxis Memo: On Resurrecting the Free Web

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A post-apocalyptic take on current American politics, January 12, 2018
by MathBrush
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This is an ePub game with hyperlinks. It consists of a series of articles with footnotes and cross references.

The idea is that a viral outbreak has caused the collapse of America, combined with Trumpís actions. As you dig deeper, though you find a greater truth.

Itís coever, but the chosen format is slow paced and sometimes dull in the name of realism, like when it had a largely standard ten page blank medical form. Many critical moments are hidden in transcripts emulating Reddit and 4chan, and the author took painstaking care to recreate the racism, homophobia and misogyny of these forums. This didnít really suit me.

This was a creative format, and represents a great deal of work. The writing is detailed and feels authentic.

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The Questions It Raises Will Linger Long After You've Finished Reading

This is a truly challenging and thought-provoking read -- not to say that it's difficult to read, because it isn't at all, but it forces the reader to confront their own knee-jerk responses and question their application of critical thinking skills to the media that's become ubiquitous in our lives. The story emerges through bits and pieces of different accounts, all written in a pitch-perfect realistic style that adds to the disquieting sense that the story is taking place just outside your door; or if it isn't yet, then it's all too possible that it might. A cross between true crime, classic mystery, anthropology, and satire, the Pyxis Memo is a memorable read that will leave you disquieted and deeply thoughtful.

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