A Walk in the Park

by Anonymous

Slice of life

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Short, As In Winnable in One Turn , March 7, 2010
by AmberShards (The Gothic South)

A Walk in the Park is not only a short game, it's a one-turn game, which makes it positively microscopic. Not only that, but winning is trivially easy. The replay value consists solely of finding other ways to win, which isn't as satisfying as failing to win multiple times and then finally succeeding.

At any rate, the writing style is a silly kind of easy-going pop-culture slice-of-life humor. There are no outright bugs, but then again, the game doesn't promise a whole lot, either. Only a few objects are described and default responses rule the day. That there are no points makes me wonder if the game is finished -- did the author really mean for you to win with zero out of zero points?

At least "A Walk..." isn't annoying. If you need something to do for five minutes, there are definitely worse ways to spend your time.