I am sorry for destroying the world

by Kronosaurus


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Uncomfortable and minimally interactive, May 18, 2023

This is the only one of Kronosaurus's games that still exists in a 'public' and playable state, having been backed up on Archive.org while the other three games attributed to this author dodged the library spiders.

I'm not going to lie, this was a little uncomfortable to play. There's a dystopian feel to the whole thing, and a claustrophobic lack of detail or context. The only choice to make is whether to continue forward, until even that choice is gone.

The ending feels somewhat out of nowhere, and abrupt, but if anything, it makes me worry about Kronosaurus's mindset at the time. This feels like it was a cry for help; thankfully, Victor Gijsbers posted a review of one of the lost games (9/21: My Story ) showing that the author seems to have grown up and out of this rather dark place exhibited in this game and implied by the description of Hello? (Is the world dead?).

I thought about giving a star rating, but no. I'm not going to rate an accidentally-archived snapshot of an author's mindset, particularly when that author seems to have attempted to take it down.