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Interactive Masterpiece, August 19, 2023

Only recently, a few weeks ago did I discover this magnificent piece of interactive fiction, through a recommendation of a friend on discord. It's difficult to find a similar game to Eternal among the COG/HG or the Twine games, I'm usually used to playing. Having 13 vastly different epilogues and massive story branching, it's the only game that truly satisfied that itch for "meaningful choices deciding and changing the course of the story". With that out of the way, let's continue with the review.

Narrative Depth and World-Building:

"Eternal" unfurls its narrative tapestry in a world where the tendrils of magic intertwine with political intrigue, forming a richly textured tableau. Within this expanse, cultures thrive, politics simmer, and characters navigate a maze of motives and desires. The narrative, a product of the author's narrative acumen, captures the essence of immersive storytelling. This world breathes, the characters, multifaceted and layered, pulse with life. As players traverse through its labyrinthine paths, the tale adapts, branches, and sprouts like an ancient oak, offering a multitude of possible endings, each a testament to the player's choices.

Gameplay Mechanics and Choices:

Navigating "Eternal" is an exercise in thoughtful engagement. The role bestowed upon the player isn't a mere observer but a puppeteer pulling the strings of a protagonist's destiny. Choices, numerous and consequential, serve as the bricks that pave the player's journey. These decisions hold power, forging alliances or breeding enmity, shaping the fate of both the player character and the realm itself. "Eternal" revels in ethical ambiguity, inviting players to grapple with dilemmas that resonate long after reaching one of the many epilogues.

Emotional Impact and Character Development:

The emotional depth within "Eternal" is borne from the author's masterful character crafting. Heroes and villains alike step onto the stage, each woven with motivations, flaws, and internal battles. These characters, intricately designed, evoke empathy, disdain, and everything in between. Emotion intertwines with the choices made, creating a tapestry of interlinked stories where the heartstrings of players are deftly pulled. The emotional engagement breathes life into the choices, imbuing them with significance that resonates profoundly.

Narrative Complexity and Replayability: "Eternal" thrives within its intricacy, offering a myriad of paths that branch and diverge. The narrative, a labyrinth of threads, weaves a complex tapestry of intertwined destinies. The promise of alternate outcomes beckons, rendering each playthrough a voyage of discovery. The allure lies not only in the destination but in the multitude of journeys that lead there. The expansive network of storylines ensures that each iteration is a new adventure, and the labyrinthine narrative beckons explorers with the allure of hidden gems.

Writing Quality and Descriptive Power:

The author's prose is a symphony of words, a brush that paints vivid landscapes within the theater of the mind. The textual descriptions are not mere vessels of information but conjurations that evoke sights, sounds, and sensations. The written words are a portal to worlds imagined, a testament to the transformative power of storytelling. The descriptive prowess adds depth to the experience, elevating it beyond mere reading to immersive participation.


"Eternal" by Endmaster stands tall as an interactive fiction magnum opus, bridging the gap between player and protagonist, crafting connections through moral quandaries, and etching narratives that resonate. Its narrative symphony, character symposium, and the intricate dance of choices combine to forge an experience of enduring impact. The myriad of endings and labyrinthine paths invite players to explore with each replay, and the lingering emotional resonance testifies to its prowess as an interactive narrative.

Pros: + Complex and immersive narrative
+ Profound character development
+ Morally challenging choices
+ Exquisite writing and descriptive artistry
+ Expansive branching paths


None worth noting; the game excels across all dimensions

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