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One of the best, January 8, 2021

When I first read this story, I was searching for a new experience in the realm of story games. I played through quite a number of games where I did not feel much agency as a player. I had to deal with cliché tropes in stories, and the author's personal bias on certain issues. I'm glad to say this is not one of those games. Eternal brought a much needed shock to my tastes. It was simply both pleasing and a joy to read at the same time. It stirred within me various emotions like, anger, frustration, happiness, contentment, etc. For a work to be able to do this is simply astonishing. I truly felt immersed in the world of Eternal, and had control of my player's fate.

Honestly this story is a timeless classic in this medium, and it would be a shame if you did not give this story a try. Come, read and enjoy a new experience today!