The Absolute Worst IF Game in History

by Dean Menezes


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Hilarious!, September 8, 2012

I preface this review with the caveat that much as I would like to be, I'm not a hardcore IF game player. I tend to enjoy IF that's heavier on narrative than puzzles.

That being said, this game made me laugh harder than any IF I've ever played. I wandered through the maze, randomly typing in directions. I figured- well, this is a pretty good representation of when and why I get burned out from playing IF games. I assumed I would wander forever, nothing would happen, and I'd call it a day.

On a lark, I started typing in any verb I could think of. I typed in, "sing." It said, "Your singing is abominable." Then: Congratulations! You won the game in 14 turns!" etc.

I laughed so hard, my face still hurts. Granted, I played it again and I did not win by singing.

Who knows? Start typing in silly things and maybe you'll get lucky like I did.