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A one-room, one-puzzle time travel game, February 3, 2016

This time travel game has been compared to many other such games, including ones before it (like Sorceror's and Spellbreaker's puzzles) and those after it (such as Fifteen Minutes). It works, and it is simpler than many, but the story is a bit weak.

You are a member of the Galactic Marines investigating a lab. The rest of the review is in spoilers, though it doesn't give away more than the first ten or twenty turns.

(Spoiler - click to show)You soon find yourself stuck in a time loop, where a critical event sends you back in time every few turns. You see the previous version of yourself, performing your last set of actions. You have to figure out how to stop the explosions, and how to interact with you doppleganger, and the interactions can occur in strange ways.

I recommend it, but not for everyone. Mostly those who enjoy puzzles.

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This game is the fairest most rewarding IF I ever played, May 20, 2012

First, let me say that if you like science fiction and IF, than you must play this game. It is so clever and unique with its puzzle style that once you start playing, you will be hooked until you complete it. DON'T USE A WALKTHROUGH. You don't need one. As other reviewers have said, the puzzle is very logical and rewarding to figure out on your own.

My only complaint would be that the game gave away information that I would liked to have figured out. However, some players may find that these bit of insight alleviate frustration and allow them to concentrate on the puzzle at hand.

Highly recommended!

One note: the game cannot be played on the ipod touch with the Frotz app. This will crash the app.

Note: this rating is not included in the game's average.

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Nice short puzzle, December 29, 2009
by Grey (Italy)

Don't be mistaken by the plot-driven intro. This is actually a one-room, one-puzzle game.
The actual puzzle is quite original and well implemented, (Spoiler - click to show)based on a time machine, repetition, and multiple copies of yourself.

The parser is perfect, the writing is clear, and the game is short and fun (IF you like puzzles).

Only three stars for me tough because at times I found it frustrating, and the 'time limit' is really unforgiving, even if you can't really die. When I had already an idea of how to solve it i just checked the walkthrough.

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Very clever, December 25, 2007
by puzzler (Everett, Washington)

This is, in effect, a one puzzle game. The puzzle is challenging, clever, and solvable.

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Solid replay puzzle, December 24, 2007

A solid and entertaining puzzle game requiring multiple play-throughs and an inventive twist on classic time travel. The framing of the game is maybe a little disappointing -- there's less of a story here than it originally appears, and so much effort goes into the solution that it would be nice if the ending offered more narrative reward.

All the same, a polished and technically accomplished piece of work, with some inventive game-play.

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