Zombie Wizard of the Apocalypse, Episode 3

by Andrew Watt profile

Episode 3 of Zombie Wizard of the Apocalypse
Fantasy, sci-fi, humor

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ZOMbie WIZard...DWEEEDLEDEEDWEEEDLEDEEDWEEDLEDEE~<80s guitar solo>, August 9, 2014
by Hanon Ondricek (United States)

These get better as they continue. The author has finally stopped the one-move random death traps and delivered a new chapter that actually manages to attempt a slight story and character arc. The writing continues the zany, stupid, cartoon humor from before that follows the somewhat Monkey Island form of "Normal Response, Wacky Response, Audacious Response" but I find them funny, and at last I've gotten through an episode without having to smash my keyboard as I angrily start over. The jokes work ever so much better when you only see them once!

No summary because it's too short and simple for that. You're a zombie wizard, hijinks ensue.