Medicum Veloctic

by Lawrence M Marable


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Crisis medicine., June 8, 2021
by Rovarsson (Belgium)

Night after night you sit awake, waiting for your superhero-boyfriend to come home so you can patch up his injuries. It's hurting you. It's hurting him that it's hurting you. But you can't stop. You need to be there for him. With him...

Medicum Veloctic presents itself as a twist on the superhero genre. The protagonist is a doctor who has to heal Veloctic's wounds and repair the damage caused by the brutal fights.

If you are patient enough to read through the medical handbook that's available from the start of the game, you'll have an idea of the gruesome injuries you might expect. There are also notes on how to treat these injuries, and consulting the handbook does not cost you any game-time. If you could call these puzzles, they are very easy indeed.

But rather than puzzles, the wounds serve as an externalization of the fractures in Veloctic's mind, your mind, and your relationship.

Underneath the superhero-story, this game is about a destructive relationship, self-hate and guilt, biting through pain for love (and wondering/refusing to wonder whether it's worth it).

Some of the descriptive paragraphs would benefit from another round of editing. There are some overly long passages that seem to be thrown in because they sounded so good in the author's mind, but they distract from the reality, the concreteness of the story.
The short sentences that let you follow the protagonist's inner thoughts are poignant and direct. The conversations convey the love of the characters for each other, the sometimes grim humour they share, the need they have for each other.

A deep and touching read.