by Tyler Zahnke


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Broken, November 18, 2013
by streever (America)

The javascript behind this game is broken, but even if it were working, I'd be disappointed.

The game mechanic is essentially a few trivia puzzles that you either know or have to google the answer to. Because the javascript is broken, you don't get to see the hint system when you get one close but wrong.

If you wanted to play through it, you could use the browser console to get each page from the broken javascript code, but I wouldn't recommend it: the puzzles really are just trivia or mathematical conversions. In general, there is nothing in the story or the game that helps you solve the puzzles, they entirely rest on out-of-game knowledge.

I'm not sure what the basic premise is a nod to--cultural elites guarding the treasures of our society perhaps--but it didn't engage me enough to actually attempt converting different numerical systems.