Cold Iron

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Plotkin's contribution to the Hat Meta-Puzzle. A charming walk in the woods, February 4, 2016

Together with Last Day of Summer, Playing Games, and The Life (and Deaths) of Doctor M, this game was part of a meta-puzzle in IFComp 2011. The idea was that four games would have connections, and by pursuing clues in one, you could open more in the other games.

Cold Iron is Plotkin's contribution, and he has said that he rushed to get the smallest Plotkin game possible. It's charming; you are a bumpkin searching for an axe. By recalling stories, you progress through the game.

I felt like this game contained more of the hat puzzle than the other 3 games. Also, I didn't really understand what happened in the plot.

Playing all 4 games together is great. Doctor M is more independent and large, a real good game by itself. The other 3 are great en ensemble.