At Night

by Oscar Martinez


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Not supposed to be random, December 2, 2020
by Stian
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This choice IF seems to be unfinished. It has clearly been translated, as there still are words in Spanish throughout the game, and itís rather riddled with typos. From what I could gather, the battles with demons are the central element here, but those felt like playing Amazing Quest again: it doesnít really matter what you choose because itís all random. Perhaps itís actually not the case here, but I was unable to find any logic in them. Designwise, At Night focusses a lot on using sounds for navigating in the darkness. This is a neat feature, but Iím afraid it didnít help me much with the demons either. According to the author, it is not random, but I was still unable to make sense of it.

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Oscar Martinez, December 6, 2020 - Reply
Thanks for the review and for your time, the truth is that the random topic you refer to is not so random. I see that the rest of the reviews have not detected this problem. The language issue logically should not be a reason for criticism, since it is intended to play a game, not a graphic novel. Although it is respectable that you do not feel comfortable with an incorrect reading, for the next I will try to get a better translation.

Many times we forget that the first text games were exploration games with very light stories that intended to convey immediate emotion, not stories with small decision-making.

To be honest I have not been able to extract something constructive, since the game has felt it as a lack of purpose on my part. I'm sorry! for the next one I will try to improve to make you change your mind, I know it will cost me ...
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