Hunt the Wumpus

by Gregory Yob, Magnus Olsson, and David Ahl


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Good for an hour's amusement, April 11, 2012
by Dastari
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A friend of mine recently convinced me to give IF a try, so I thought that I'd try at the beginning. The version of Hunt the Wumpus that I played is the port by Magnus Olsson. It allows you to choose from 5 different kinds of maps. The biggest challenge is the mapping. Once you have fully mapped the five possibilities then it is usually a trivial matter of avoiding the dangers and killing the Wumpus. While it is possible to lose based on some of the random elements of the game if you have the map then you will be able to win on the far majority of your playthroughs.

This game amused me for about an hour. After that it becomes repetitive and boring. For anyone interested in learning how IF works on a conceptual level this is a pretty good way of getting started, but I wouldn't recommend this game for any more than just a small diversion for someone who wants to work out a logic puzzle.

I gave the game 3 out of 5 stars based on my enjoyment. It did make me have to think out the puzzle, which I find enjoyable, and I did enjoy hunting the Wumpus a few times after I figured everything out but replayability is low and I can't imagine playing this game over and over again.