Druggy Lane

by Paul D. Boswell


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Old Strategy Type Game, April 24, 2019

Apparently it is based on an old game called Dope Wars in which you deal in drugs on the streets of New York. I'm not sure how faithful this ADRIFT rewrite is as I've never play the original. So about this game, well you can basically buy or sell one of six drugs trying to pay off a debt. The commands are buy, sell, take loan, pay back loan, next day, deposit and withdraw and that is it. The game includes a readme file which I like and various WAV files. I have played this type of game years ago but I'm not sure ADRIFT is the right platform for it. I played it a few times and not much seems to happen other than buying and selling at the right price. For its age it is harmless enough but not a game I will play again.