Savage Island, Part I

by Scott Adams

Episode 10 of Scott Adams Classic Adventures
Fantasy/Science Fiction/Surreal

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First game to have a cheat code?, November 24, 2021

A cool game but very hard. I managed while recompiling a fixed savage1.inf (z source code file), made by me, to stumble upon a seafaring word in the source code that Scott used to test the program during the hurricane. The original savage1.z5 file, when decompiled by Uninform.exe, revealed that when you are in the lake you can not swim north because all input is chopped to four characters and the test for swimming north requires you to type "swim north". Impossible! The z code files for Scott Adam games are easier to play in terms of loading and saving using Windows Frotz, but there is an annoying feature/glitch in this game that I did not fix as this is probably meant to be in the game. It is that while rafting in the sea the screen does not update where you are after making an attempt to move. So I would force a screen refresh by dropping and then picking up an item during game play. I leave it to reader of this to find the cheat code.