A New Life

by A O Muniz


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A branching fantasy story with strange and interesting takes on old concepts, February 3, 2016

This mid-length, fairly difficult parser game took second place in IFComp the year it was entered. You play a voyager who stops to investigate a goblin cave that a peddler wants looted.

The game allows you to make a variety of choices; for instance, you find various pieces of loot that you can trade for magical equipment. Every choice of equipment leads to a different way of beating the game.

The game has a different take on a lot of things; for instance, most characters can choose their gender over time, including a neutral gender. This makes for interesting politics in the gameworld. Also, there is a lot of magic affecting (Spoiler - click to show)memory.

Like many great parser games that are now neglected, I believe that this wonderful game is not noticed now because it is hard, and because the walkthrough only gives you one path, leaving most of the game unexplored, and, because of the difficulty level, perhaps unexplorable.

I recommend this game for everyone, with the walkthrough after a short time (even the hints are not enough for me and some IFComp reviewers).