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Superb and haunting, May 9, 2019

The first thing I have to praise is the sound design. Obvious thought and effort went into it, and it pays off beautifully, mixed and balanced to produce a living, dynamic soundscape that practically adds graphics to the text-only adventure. The Twine engine is effectively used to present a few small, simple puzzles that make things a bit more engaging and interactive than some other games made in this engine, though fairly little actual thought is required. The narration is punchy and effective, using short, minimalist prose to tremendous effect. Although the story ends without a great deal definitively "answered", it goes far enough to tell a distinct tale with enough context to get its point across. A few death scenarios feature, with some narration accompanying them that makes them worth seeing anyway, and an autosave system of some sort ensures the setbacks and frustration are nonexistent. A great little bit of strange, Cronenbergian rural horror.