The Magpie Takes the Train

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Episode 2 of The Magpie

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Elegant and excellent sequel, December 1, 2020
by Stian
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Having, as one should, duly enjoyed ĎAliasí The Magpie, I was very excited to see this sequel turn up. To my further enjoyment, it turns out this sequel is almost just as good! Not that there is anything particularly wrong with it; I just wish it was longer and slightly more challenging, matching the length and difficulty of the original. Completing The Magpie Takes the Train took me 45 minutes.

Perhaps due to having played more IF than (most?) other humans, Rushton has managed to perfectly adopt the style of ĎAliasí for this game. The language, the humor and the puzzles could all as easily have emerged from J. J. Guest, and are just as delightful.