Shadow Operative

by Michael Lauenstein


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A very polished Vorple cyberpunk game, October 14, 2020
by MathBrush
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I beta tested this game.

This is a really technically impressive game that uses Vorple for a cool layout, a single graphic and some fun music.

Itís a cyberpunk world where people jack into cyberspace (presenting Wild West/Fantasy and Ancient Japanese settings in this game). Youíre asked to infiltrate a base, but chaos ensues.

The game is exceptionally well-polished, with very few bugs. Itís also fairly linear. Most conversations end up with you saying all available options, and most settings are constrained, with the most freedom being late in the game.

This makes the puzzles simpler, aided by the nice keywords, but comes at the expense of freedom. Iíve realized as I study the comp that players value both polish and freedom, so Iím really interested in seeing where this places!

+Polish: Looks great
+Descriptiveness: I liked quite a bit of the worldbuilding
+Interactivity: I found the puzzles enjoyable
-Emotional impact: I found myself at an emotional distance from this game, and don't know why.
+Would I play it again? I've played this game twice, and enjoyed it both times.