The Gostak

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One of the finest decoding puzzles I've ever encountered, February 20, 2008
by Michael Martin (Mountain View, California)

The goal of this game is straightforward; as the gostak, you distim the doshes. Alas, the lutt to the doshery is crenned with glauds! But surely a snave gostak such as yourself can discren them.

And, I note, the entire game is like this, including very and deeply extensive meta information. At no point is the central linguistic conceit dropped. I'm a sucker for this, and indeed this is one of my favorite games as a result, but more importantly, the game is approachable in a way that most IF with a metatextual conceit is not. That said, some basic familiarity with the standard Inform library will greatly enhance one's experience with the game, as many (to me) critical clues for solving the game's language came from default responses.

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Jeff Zeitlin, March 14, 2012 - Reply
As Peter Pears suggested to me, you might want to spoiler your last sentence, and for the same reason, even though your comment has been out there for years...
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