Hotel Noir

by Eva Vikström


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Sloppy, underdeveloped game, December 26, 2007

This piece of IF is in Swedish. When non-English IF is as rare as it currently is, it's a shame that quality non-English IF is even rarer.

The game is seriously underimplemented (a bathroom has three items mentioned in the room description, none of them are implemented) and the player is never quite aware what their goal is. The plot advances when the player triggers something through an unrelated action (for example (Spoiler - click to show)to get a room key you must drink a cup of coffee) so the player is left to try everything possible they can think of with no sense of purpose. To be fair I didn't have the endurance to play very far so there's a possibility that the plot picks up later in the game.

The author leads the player on a too tight rope: the commands are interpreted way too far. Examining a television makes the protagonist to turn it on, put a video in, watch it for an hour and then go to sleep - but the player just wanted a description of the television! And commanding watch video, turn tv on, sleep etc. doesn't work so the gameplay is mostly guessing which illogical action advances the game this time.