A Zeroeth Dimension

by Dewey Mowris


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- Edo, March 16, 2022

- Absolute Zero, March 4, 2011

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Ug..., November 22, 2010
by tggdan3 (Michigan)

You are in the 0th dimension. Sounds promising.

The description of the 0th dimension is: Welcome to a Zeroeth Dimension

Then there's a list of what you see. Many of these containers are empty (an empty fridge and drawer, a cupboard full of mugs).

As far as the writing, it is intended to be in the 1st person, but it continually switches to the 2nd person (when default messages come up).

Why would I attack a group of mugs? I see no reason.
That's not something you can switch.

I get off the couch.
You get off the couch.

These little things kind of grate on me. The game is intended for first timers, it seems, as it constantly prompts you.

if you want me to get off the couch, say EXIT

Watching the TV instructs you to keep watching the TV if you want the advertisement playing on it to continue.

As is, this seems to fall into the "my apartment" trope, despite the fact that it takes place in some 0th dimension. There's no indication of what you should realy be doing, or why.

The hint tells me to watch TV, but the same message plays each time (at one point it just stops continuing the progression of events and starts over- a glitch?). Some of the hints have writing errors.

Since there's else to do, then I believe the only thing to do is watch TV.

Since there's nothing else to do?

And that's it- there's nothing else to do. The game has no in game hints- waiting is supposed to provide a hint, and that hint does nothing, so I guess I'm giving up on this one.

- Mandolin (Detroit, MI), June 12, 2010

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