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Ugh, September 20, 2015
by zharris70 (New York City)

This game seemed very promising at first but then quickly revealed itself as rather mediocre and critically unpolished.

I don't mind a typo here and there, but constant spelling and grammatical errors really take you out of the experience that good IF strives to build. It also instantly makes me fear that I'm not in good hands when it comes to game design or world-building and...that does turn out to be the case here. I can sort of understand struggling with words like "disappear" and "respectful" but when you're leaving the second L off "well" it just becomes obvious that you didn't proofread or beta test at all. Frankly, with today's technology it's also pretty inexcusable not to run your prose through a spellchecker.

Beyond that, the humor is pretty witless and relies heavily on pop culture references that add nothing. I also learned from the SPAG review that apparently the walkthrough taunts the player for wanting to use the walkthrough and includes a command that causes the game itself to taunt you and then kill you for using the walkthrough. This arrogant idiocy is even more unforgivable than the lackluster gameplay and the miserable spelling. If the author was as clever as he apparently thinks he is, the puzzles wouldn't be so opaque in the first place.