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by Simply Ryan


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Poor Copy of a Brilliant Flash Game, August 4, 2010

And it indeed it did make a statement... when it was a flash game called Every Day the Same Dream by molleindustria. The events described in this "game" are a blatant copy of the aforementioned flash game. The scenery, the NPCs, the objects - everything is absolutely the same. Except that in the flash game, the player was actually able to interact with the environment. This textual version is painfully sparse and under-implemented. There are tons of bugs - the elevator doors not opening once the player is inside, for one - and poor writing.

I really appreciated the flash game by molleindustria when I played it and I makes me mad to see a copy of the original author's work put up under slightly different trappings. Of course, the author might have gotten permission to rework the game into an IF, but I very much doubt it. Besides, I believe a reworking of the game as an IF has already been done by Luis Gonzalez, who actually credited the idea's original author. I didn't have the patience (due to the many bugs) nor the incentive (since I know how the original game ends) to play through this. So, I might have missed some form of end credits, in which case I apologize. If the author of this game actually had permission to rewrite the flash game as an IF without adding any new elements to it, then I would very much like to see the original author credited in some form.

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P/o Prune, August 9, 2010 - Reply
I couldn't agree with you more, regarding your view of this game...
Not that it's an excuse, more as an explanation, I would like to mention that this is "Simply Ryan's" first game, and it has probably been written during dinner or breakfast :-)
Like I said.. it's no excuse, merely an explanation.
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