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Sated my cravings, August 4, 2023

This affected me in a way that makes me need to give it 5/5 - I couldn't stop thinking about it and a variety of its endings. Some tragic, some jovial, and some "it is what it is."

The language is exquisite and delightfully flowery, making me need to stop from time to time to simply enjoy it. The atmosphere is gorgeous, theatrical and strangely gleeful in all its doom, as if it was all a foul game in some occasions. Beautifully decadent if you choose those paths. The characters are vivid and full of personality with their own eccentric ways.

Not to say it's perfect, because nothing ever is. If you don't like a slow burn, this won't be for you. The mingling scene was part lovely, part a study in tedium. I don't know the author's intentions, but it almost felt tongue in cheek from time to time.

It's a work in progress, so I can't say exactly where this is going, but I'm having a jolly good time at the moment. The erotic scenes are just that - highly erotic, and the platonic paths are equally satisfying.

I recommend this to people who enjoy atmospheric stories, but not as much to people who needs constant action. It's a strange story, but beautiful in its oddities.

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