The War On New Year's

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- Zape, April 18, 2021

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Fun for a few moves, but quickly becomes tedious, July 15, 2012
by Karl Ove Hufthammer (Bergen, Norway)

You and Hitler are competing in a dance competition (!), and the whole gameplay consists of trying various dances (tango, boogie, morris dance, …), while Hitler counters with a different dance. The game implements a simple RPG-style hit point system, where either you or Hitler or both or none loses hit points after each dance. When either your or Hitler’s score reaches zero, that person loses.

Trying various dances is fun for the first few moves (pun intended), owing to some entertaining descriptions (e.g., ‘Hitler gets two steps into a quite passable rumba before remembering himself. He quickly pretends that he was just invading Poland.’), but quickly just becomes the tedious task of trying all dances in Wikipedia’s ‘List of dances’ – or at least the non-‘Western bourgeois abomination’ ones. An impressive number of dances are implemented, but many are not, and only a very few have custom descriptions. While the game doesn’t contain much real content (it was a Speed-IF entry, after all), the high number of hit points you and Hitler start out with actually makes the game feel too long and repetitive, and thus rather boring.

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