When the Land Goes Under the Water

by Bruno Dias (as Nikephoros De Kloet) profile


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Brief, puzzle-less Inform game about exploring Atlantis, February 3, 2016

This Inform game was an entry for ShuffleComp:Disc 2, where games are based off songs. It is a brief piece, taking less than 15 minutes to play. As the game states at the beginning, this is an exploratory game, requiring only basic commands like "take", "enter", "look", and directional commands.

The game builds up an interesting picture of Atlantis, with an emphasis on its mythology and pantheon. I found this part of the game to be very clever.

The game is well-polished technically. The writing is in third person, and had a small number of errors.

For some reason, the author has asked that you only play the game through once before discussing and reviewing. I played through twice, but I won't incorporate the second playthrough in this review. Perhaps the author expects and hopes for players to disregard this restriction, as much of the game focuses on oppressed individuals who yearn for freedom.