Edge of the Cliff

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determinism, not non-interactivity, December 10, 2011
by Nereare (São Paulo, Brazil)

the premise of the game may be "non-interactive fiction", but one can still do things, for examining sandals or reading diary are active actions...
this game does not so much expose the non-interactivity of a game as it appeals to a extremily-deterministic scenario (Spoiler - click to show)in which the character can only end up dead.

use-of-medium wise, the game is just simplistically made. two questions in the beginning -which do not seem to alter the play in any way, and thus are unnecessary- and a overuse of "Instead of" rules.

maybe a better treatment of the plot and medium would have given more quality to the game.

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AmberShards, December 30, 2011 - Reply
Wow. I think you didn't get the whole point of the game. Thanks for playing anyways, though.
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