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Tasteless, very short shock horror, February 3, 2016

I'm sure this review will drive some people to see if the game is as bad as I say it is; these people will then post, too and say "He was right! Don't play this game, it's awful!"

This game just tries to describe rape, murder, body horror, butchery, etc in as explicit terms as possible, with no capitalization and rushed spelling. It ends up not being frightening because it is so over the top, but it is gross. Perhaps I am feeding into the author's wishes too much by doing a review, but I think it's useful to record what the game is about.

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faun, October 23, 2015 - Reply
thank you for your review!! this game is based off of my own personal experiences with sexual assault and therefore is very visceral. im sorry you didnt enjoy it, but then again, i didnt exactly enjoy making it haha. this is actually exactly tthe kind of reaction i was hoping for. i want it to make people uncomfortable, even angry, because thats how i feel about what happened to me!!
MathBrush, October 23, 2015 - Reply
Well, I can say you definitely succeeded. I've seen some other authors strive for the same goal, often without success, and that's why I wondered if you were going for something similar. I'm very sorry that anything in your life resembled this game! That's so horrible! You definitely instilled in me feelings that I did not enjoy.

I can see now why you tagged your game as 'art house'. As I said, I feel you have succeeded in your artistic goal.
faun, October 23, 2015 - Reply
thank you so much!! && its okay im coping with it. mostly by writing disgusting filthy twine games to get out my feelings lmao
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