Only War - Warhammer 40.000: The Text Adventure

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April Fool....., April 1, 2021
by snollygoster
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If only this had been real!!!

I HATE April Fools day...................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT: OK, I'll change the star rating, but I still hate this nonsense.

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Rovarsson, April 1, 2021 - Reply
Oh come on!

Have you ever heard of "Yes-And"ing?

If not, you should look it up. Things are more fun when yes-anding.
snollygoster, April 1, 2021 - Reply
Yes, and...

It's my favourite dice mechanic. But I still hate Aril Fools...

n.b. changed the star rating because you reminded me how much I love that dice mechanic. So there is that...
Victor Gijsbers, April 1, 2021 - Reply
By the way, I'm planning to delete my review tomorrow. :-)
Rovarsson, April 1, 2021 - Reply
I'm going to add an edit saying it was an April Fools' joke.
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