The Waiting Room

by Billy Krolick


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A creepy but somewhat unpolished hospital horror story, October 19, 2021
by MathBrush
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I recently mentioned in another review how I'm a big fan of genre fiction. This is exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about: a classic haunting story set in a hospital.

It's in standard Twine format (blue on black) and generally simple Twine branch-and-bottleneck, with some state tracking.

You play as a new CNA working at a nursing home where a dark secret stalks th halls.

I found the game genuinely frightening, playing late at night. The author makes good use of tropes; there's nothing really new here, it's just down well.

There is some use of text animation (including some flashing text). I feel like there were typos strewn throughout the text, mainly with quotation mark errors.

I'm giving this game 4 stars, due to its lack of polish but overall enjoyability. This is due to my personal enjoyment of this style of horror; for the general public, I'd say it's likely a 3-star game.

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