El Protector

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Episode 1 of The People
Fantasy, Science Fiction

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Excellent eco-environmental science fiction fable, August 13, 2020

El protector is an excellent eco-environmental science fiction fable (in Spanish), of great literary quality that immerses yourself in an alien world packed with stimuli for the senses. You breeze the fragrance of the plain, the stems brush against the tips of the fingers, the deadly fire lake warms the skin.

It is an adventure built with care and detail. The author likes to indulge in actions by being generous in his responses, texts, and descriptions.

It presents a universe that is also a tribute to the greats of science fiction, but that has enough tangibility and its own personality to be one of the author's most loved works, and most missed!
But we are in luck because the author has continued the series after 15 years since the game that concerns us today was published: “El protector”, with the second part of the cycle: “Memoria”.

In terms of structure, it is an adventure with puzzles for building elements that allow you to move forward using materials found in nature to take advantage of them. It is a short game, which can be completed in half an hour to an hour, depending on how much it costs you to overcome the puzzles (although there are clues built-in, just type AYUDA). Its geographical extension is short, but with a lot of exuberance, so that it even contains several biomes: plain, grassland, moors, beach, a volcano ... It is not necessary to map and the geography is preserved in memory, but it is enough to transmit a whole new world.

The ending ... the ending visits a sci-fi commonplace, which I can't talk about as it would be a huge spoiler. This is why I can not stop recommending that you visit the world of "El protector". It's time to wake him up to protect your village and its People.

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