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Witchcraft U

by Jei D. Marcade


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1 review

About the Story

Rush the university's secret societies as a first-year Magical Studies major! Will you keep your magic a secret from the mundanes or expose the truth?

Witchcraft U is a 200,000-word interactive fantasy novel by Jei D. Marcade. It's entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

You're a fresh-faced new student at Larkspur University, a college for witches that began accepting mundanes a few decades ago. (Strangely, the mundanes never seem to notice the witches.) It's your first time living away from home, and that means new spells, new friends, and new opportunities for romance!

Three secret societies control the university, and they've all taken a special interest in you. But you have secrets of your own: namely, your family's underworld criminal empire—and just when you think you're out, they pull you back in.

As a first-generation university student, the pressure's on to make friends, find a date, maintain your grades, hold down a part-time job, and prove to your family that you belong here, while keeping your magical abilities a secret from your mundane peers.

Will you rush one of the secret societies or rebuke them? Dress to impress or attend lecture in PJs? Will you choose the path most likely to lead you to fulfilment, knowledge, influence, or wealth? What kind of witch will you be?

•Play as male, female, or nonbinary; gay, straight, bi, or asexual
•Hone your spellcraft in one of four magical tracks
•Collaborate with your classmates, compete against them, or hook up with them
•Support the mundane students or sabotage their plans
•Inherit a criminal empire or abdicate the throne
•Keep your grades up or lose your scholarship
•Avoid the abyssal gaze of the Campus Squirrel

See you next semester at Witchcraft U!

Game Details

Language: English (en)
First Publication Date: December 9, 2021
Current Version: Unknown
License: Commercial
Development System: ChoiceScript
IFID: Unknown
TUID: upumn27k8fatz159


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Member Reviews

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Number of Reviews: 1
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
A promising but ultimately flawed high school magic/mafia game, January 22, 2022
by MathBrush
Related reviews: about 2 hours

This is a recent game from Choice of Games set at a magical university. You are an adopted scion of a powerful mafia figure, and you have been sent to a college that offers majors in both mundane and magical areas. You are encouraged to join a group of 3 magical fraternities while you go to class, meet friends and work at a magical coffee shop.

There's a lot going on here. The writing itself flows well, with some standout characters and intricate worldbuilding.

One steam review mentioned like it felt like too many storylines were going on at once, and I agree with that. While the college, fraternity, and coffee storylines meshed well, the mafia felt more or less tacked-on. It provided some useful worldbuilding backstory, but it gave the effect of the author mashing two games into one, at least to me.

The game had compelling goals that I wanted to achieve, but I found making my way there muddy. I was frequently told I did bad at things but still managed to get in the frat and get a 4.0 my first semester. I was told I bombed every final next semester but still got a 3.0.

I focused on 2 skills exclusively (with a 73 in spirit stuff and 53 in thaumaturgy), but failed every test involving thaumaturgy. My game ended completely abruptly at the end where I had a single choice with no buildup and clicked what I thought was a spirit option but was apparently the wrong thing, instantly negating every success I had more before by just killing me with a 1 page epilogue that didn't wrap up anything.

Part of the difficulty was overlapping stats; I could never distinguish between Spontaneity and Adaptability, or between Honesty, Determination and Principled. I never even noticed the 'skills' section (communications, creativity, insight, and scholarship), and am not sure how those could be adjusted or checked.

Overall, though, the worldbuilding and writing quality pulled this one through for me. But I kept putting it down when frustrated and took a couple of weeks to play.

Recommended only for fans of magical academia and mob stories.

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