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A fantasy Twine game where every branch point can be changed at any time, February 3, 2016

This well-written shufflecomp game was certainly unusual in its setting, though not unique (it reminds me of Failsafe). This game centers around communication with a certain NPC who was enormously irritating but in a good way (similar to the way Rameses is irritating).

The game encourages you to reconsider choices by listing all branch points, allowing you to go back and change a point at any time. The game even trains you to do this in a fun way.

I'm going to have to play the game a few more times to understand the plot. I found all listed endings in less than half an hour.

Is this game enjoyable? It's like trying sushi for the first time. It tastes great, but you spend just as much trying to process the sensations as you do enjoying the flavors.

That said, I strongly recommend that everhone play this game just to see what it is like.