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I think this game would benefit from a different format, November 18, 2013
by streever (America)

This is a parser game, but it doesn't really need the parser--the concept behind it feels a bit shoehorned into the format.

The writing is typically good, although a few typos and over-written descriptions do appear.

I think this would really fit a twine/web format, with a changing color background corresponding to the different memory states, and other visual touches.

This is a very linear story with only one possible way to progress through--because of the use of a parser, you end up re-typing the same commands over and over, giving it the feel of a puzzle, but you are really just walking through color-coded rooms until you find a memory, which you simply carry with you.

I believe this would have done better in the competition as a twine game. The sense of exploration would be improved by a clickable structure, and the story could have been more in focus.