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It just gets better and better, September 5, 2016

I went on a spending spree. I bought this and Worldsmith and No Man's Sky all about the same time.

Two hours of playing No Man's sky which cost me a small fortune and was developed by a big team and has been in production for years and I'm bored. Two weeks later playing Hadean Lands and Worldsmith - probably developed by a single person in their bedroom and buyable for a fifth the price - and I'm still entranced. A review for Worldsmith next.

But first: Hadean Lands.

Straight up: This is a great game. Perhaps one of the best text games I've ever played. I remember loving Planetfall and Trinity. And I love this just as much or maybe more.

I'm pretty late to the party, so a description of what it's about is probably redundant. Suffice it to say : Alchemy in a spaceship? Genius.

The only time I found myself tutting in annoyance was during the late-middle of the game when I had about a billion things and wasn't entirely sure what to do next. Even with the super-cool reset and single command redo ability I felt like I was smushing stuff together at random to see if it worked. I hit online hints up pretty hard.

And I was a bit irritated by the ending. Say what? I like an open ended story, but after all that effort in getting there I wanted a bit more of a reward.

There's too much greatness here to be picky and let such minor quibbles ruin a superb game. Five stars!