To The Wolves

by Els White


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Amazing Game, August 31, 2021

This game is amazing, it is full of intrigue difficult choices, I definitely recommend!

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Amazing Interactive, August 31, 2021

Despite the Horror genre tag this game was given it remains more intrigue than anything. It is a beautifully crafted narrative with a well-flowing story and the joy of choice.

All around a well designed experience with a fair amount of replay potential.

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A polished mid-length fantasy twine game in a fantasy setting, May 10, 2017
by MathBrush
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This game has some good graphics, excellent styling and a convenient user interface with saves and achievements. This is a great setup for a Twine game, especially one like this with more 'game'-y features.

The story was a good read, too. You are cast out of a village and left 'to the wolves', but you make a new life for yourself. Your interactions with the villagers and yourself are up to you.

The mechanics were a little opaque, and the endings didn't quite click for me, but overall, Highly recommended.

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Trope diversion, but a sweet one, although flawed., January 6, 2017
by Ruber Eaglenest
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Disclaimer: (Spoiler - click to show)Hi, this are the reviews I did in the the IFComp 2016. Iím Ruber Eaglenest. Co-author of The skyscraper and the scar, and entry of that year. The review is posted without edition, and need some context about how I reviewed and rated the games. So, apart of my bad English I hope to be constructive. I will point to the things I don't like of the game, but I hope to be helpful. The structure I follow is this: Title, one line review, two to five word; Mobile friendliness, overall, score phrased based on IF comp guidelines. I had back ache and so thatís why I played most games in Android mobile, I looked closely at how games behave on mobile and review and vote based on that.

Mobile friendly. Not too much, but playable. Save system, but no autosave.

Overall: The game grow on me. Half world modelling, half hypertext, with ellipsis and such. But in the end is not consistent enough, and has lacking for it.

The start of the game and the first chapter are more consistent, the last chapters and ending could benefit of a better structure and developing. I found some actions to be problematic against my motivations as a player. I think the game could benefit a lot from an editor or a confiable tester who could said what works and what not works in the game. And then rewrite. But for a future work. Whatís done itís done.

I like the trying to make a consistent world in twine, but the authors has done some loops, and those loops are not variable enough. Take the example when you arrive at the cottage. The scene describes you arriving, but if you enter, and go out, the scene is describe again as if you were arriving for the first time. That is a huge problem for me, it just breaks the immersion.

Some scenes are rushed and make a poor work on building the narrative of surviving day to day on the forest. For example, in day two where you must take care of feeding yourself, you go out, get some food, and when you return, the day is over and you go to sleep. Too rushed.
This repeats in later chapters, overall, all the plot feels a little rushed, I would like a more modelled implementation of the forest, more tangible and less abstract. Definitively this game would benefit of being a parser one. So I could enjoy, explore and know the environment as my home. But in the end that sensation was only in the very first chapter.

Thereís a growing relationship with the wolves in the game, but again, it is rushed, there is no room for really building that relationship with the mother wolf, so it is not succeed in that either. This is not like in Princess Mononoke where all the implicit existence together is evident, or like the relationship in Dancing with wolves or just the play with the fox in A change in the weather. So in the end the game doesnít nails the story, topic and setting.

However I liked the writing and tone. I think the author is someone to look for in the future.

Score: Recommended with reservations

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A girl who escapes to the forest and the wolves, December 20, 2016

The story actually branches a fair bit, though some branches are much harder to find, and there's a lot of scope in different things you can try, as some of the achievements show. I played several times to try different options & didn't encounter any missing paragraphs or errors on my playthroughs...

I found the story quite tight, with every event contributing to the greater storyline; and there are a number of ways the finale can play out.

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9/10ths of a good game., October 26, 2016
by Owlor (Sweden)

The version I played was unfortunately broken, with a passage just plain missing. This is very unfortunate as I quite enjoyed it up to that point. There's some great fantasy wwriting in this, it just needed another pass to iron out the kinks.

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hypertexter outcast gets revenge on her text-adventure elder pursuers, October 22, 2016
by namekuseijin (anywhere but home)
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As much as I hate to give this thoughtful piece of a fiction just 3-stars, I can't reason how it could be any different: it's not quite interactive, but its fine prose and imaginative setting deserves something. Actually, by the end it turns out to be pretty evident that some kind of metacommentary on the IF community is at the heart of it all and that kinda ruined it to me.

(Spoiler - click to show)A girl is outcast from her village. The eldars actually wanted her dead, but she flees and survives her pursuers, eventually settling on an abandoned hut in the forest. Day after day she lives the miserable life expected from freedom: hunting for food (actually, choosing this or that link), customizing her hut (choosing this or that irrelevant link) and surviving some random encounters with past acquaintances who want her dead and either killing them or fleeing. She also finds a pack of wolves who were supposed to eat her, but don't feel like it and learns not much from it. Then some inevitable day one such encounter with villagers get her nearly killed, but she's helped by some ancient being and cast as some kind of undead. She now can hear spirits and have her vengeance on the village, by destroying the token of their traditions. She's really shown them how not to mess with sacrificial women, bastard eldars. oh, I got end 1, but no achievements unlocked, too bad.

anyway, I really liked the beginning and I liked the prose. Good writing is always scant in IF these days all with twitter fiction fans and all. But I felt that second person singular did nothing to me here. I was never under the illusion I could actually do anything, it didn't engage me into it. And while prose is good, there's not enough of a story there. The prose goes all about into trying to set the mood, to set you in the shoes of the character by lots of sensations, smells, tactile feedback thrown at you. It was almost like text VR! unfortunately, did little to me. Which is weird to say because I took quite some time with this one, so in a way, I was pretty engaged.

But now I've seen most of it and felt like I accomplished little here. I did have 2 parallel playthroughs with it, so I know there's lots of text you only see one way or the other, if one enjoys multibranching hypertext.

BTW, I truly loved the visual style of it. gorgeous and mood setting typography. at least that twine gets right. or is it plain css? anyway...

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